Monday, October 1, 2012

Marketing Corner

In this blog string, I would like to share some free marketing concepts that may boost your ebook sales. There are already the tried and true methods that have been put out in regards to this subject such as (but not limited to): writing another book, starting a blog, working in the affiliated marketing program, creating a website for your works, and conducting interviews with well-known authors in your genre -- just to name a few.

So, let's say you've done all of that, and you're STILL not getting many/any sales. I'll use the two books featured on the blog for this week to illustrate a couple of techniques that you might not have considered. You've written a fantastic End of Days epic. The first thought might be marketing it to the Christian consumer market. You would be right in doing so, but what happens after that pool runs dry? I would suggest that you do something a little counter-intuitive. Take your work and market it to blogs and forums that run counter to the belief system that your book portrays. Sure, you will likely take some lumps along the way, but you'll also get more sales. No publicity is bad publicity.

In the other example featured on the blog this week, we have a children's book about an adventurous feline. Once again, the logical place to start would be in children's book circles. Since this story is about a cat, why not also market it to forums and websites for pet lovers? They likely have children or grandchildren that would read your work. As with all things, I would suggest that you not just go into a forum and spam everyone there. Get in and get involved. Feel out where your potential sales might be.

Both of these tips also lead to the bigger picture which is being more sociable and making yourself more visible. The more that you get out and about on the web, and in the real world the better your chances will be for success.

Come back and visit the blog again in the near future for more tips on marketing your books.


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