Monday, October 1, 2012

Books You Should Read

  The first ebook that I will review for this blog is a great one... and comes from Len du Randt. It is entitled "Son Of Perdition", and was a pleasure to read. It did remind me a bit of the "Left Behind" series that was so popular years ago, but this novel takes the reader into a slightly different direction giving them an in-the-trenches view of what the End of Times might be like.
  The characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional. The plot is well-paced and action-packed. The level of diction is spot on for a piece in this genre. Even if you come from a different cloth, the action in this work will keep you entertained the whole way through. Mr. de Randt's work can be found at:  

  Other works by du Randt include "The Incubus", "The Succubus", and a collection of short stories entitled "Love and a .38". They are all available on .

  The next ebook that I'd like to get you in the know about is a children's book by Adrian Marshall entitled, "BOGOF the Supermarket Cat". This is a cleverly written piece about a cat that goes on a hair-raising adventure to the local supermarket. Along the way our friend makes new acquaintances, finds some new work and eventually finds his way home. The level of diction is very suitable for children of all ages, and the artwork is great. Marshall's work can found at:

  What will be the next adventure for our furry friend, Tiddles? Keep an eye on the series at

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